Erasmus students visiting the HLW Wolfgangsee

Our Erasmus students group of PH Salzburg visited the Wolfgangsee School. Set in an unbelievably beautiful location on the shores of lake Wolfgangsee, with magnificent mountain views. At the entrance we were welcomed by Frau Bramerdorfer and the school's director.
Guided by two pupils we had the opportunity to walk through the training halls, the gym, the boarding school and the restaurant school.
The school is public and accepts pupils after grade 8. It is specialized in self wellness and a healthy lifestyle. The program includes training in the preparation of healthy foods and beverages, sports, anti-stress programs, massage, natural cosmetics, languages, arts.
During our visit we had a chance to prepare together with students a lip balm from wax and other oils, which proved very useful for the cold days in Salzburg.

The bravest of the our group jumped from the highest point of the school. The others were more than encouraged them by cries and clapping. But we did not miss the massages and sport excesses with rope and balls.
We also tried healthy food and beverages.
For me, however, the stress prevention session given by a young English teacher was the most exciting lesson. It was a conversation about what makes sense to our lives. The sincere sharing of this, how confident are we, how we follow our goals, what makes sense to us. And all this combined with art techniques using dough provoked a lot of emotions in me. I also took some techniques to cope with the stress in life – walk in the nature, music, meeting with friends and talked about the things that excited me. The subject of teachers and stress was not overlooked either.
The contribution of the Erasmus group came from colleagues from Spain. They embarked on beautiful performances of songs and dances and attracted students, even teachers.
It is extremely rewarding to find a place where nature, beauty, professionalism and dedication are combined.
Thank you for this wonderful meeting!

@ Mariana Georgieva, Bulgaria
“Education in HLW Wolfgangsee”, Report of field trip
PH Salzburg Stefan Zweig